Management Consulting

Based on years of varied experience, we offer specialist consulting across disciplines such as Business Strategy, Manufacturing and Business Services, Marketing, Financial and Management Controls, Human Resources (Planning & Management), Environmental and Quality Management.

Management Services Areas:

  • Long-range Planning, Organizing/Re-organizing of Company Structures, Business Appraisals, etc.
  • Production Layout Reviews, production Control Arrangements, Productivity and Incentive Schemes, Quality Control, Trouble-shoots and response development, etc.
  • Marketing Research, Business Forecasting, Sales Force Training, Organizing of Retail and Wholesale Outlets, Customer Relations Management, etc.
  • Budgetary Control Systems, Profit Planning, Capital and Revenue Budgeting, Office Re-organization and Administrative Arrangement.
  • Advising on Personnel Policy, Manpower Planning, Job Evaluation and Training Strategies, Recruitment and Selection, Interim Management, etc.
  • Environmental Audits, Cost Benefits, Social Analysis studies and Physical, Economic and Ecological studies, etc
  • Quality Management Strategy and Policy Formulation, Customer Satisfaction Measurement, Performance Assessment, People Management and Processes, etc.

Our Management Consulting Project Lifestyle.

+ Problem Analysis and Diagnosis

+ Research and Investigation

+ Development of Potential Solutions

+ Recommendation of Preferred Courses of Action

+ Implementation Facilitation and Support and evolved Solutions


  1. HR Recruiting
  2. Organizational reforms
  3. Organizational start-ups

Great for you

Increase job satisfaction – employees are more likely to be motivated if they have a good understanding of their job and how it fits into the organization as a whole and are actively encouraged to express their views and ideas.