Engineering Procurement and Construction

We undertake Design-and-Construct Style Contracts, directly providing engineering, procurement and construction services, monitoring projects’ costs, risks and controls in our Clients’ best business interests. We also offer services-only EPCm contracting options where we coordinate all design procurement and construction works in oversight of Client-engaged construction and specialist contractors and ensure that the whole project is completed as required and in time.

Engineering (Building and Consultation)

  1. Construction contracting
  2. Civil works construction (Roads, Highways, Bridges, drainages, etc)
  3. Electro-mechanized services
  4. Fire detection and fighting systems
  5. Power infrastructure development including alternative energy solutions
  6. Lighting fixtures, switches, circuits, panels etc.
  7. HVAC (duct work, HVAC major system, VAV boxes, controls and related systems)
  8. Security surveillance systems (identity and security management hard- & software capable of identifying staff, printing images and views of surveillance footage, managing cardholder details and badges, etc.)

Housing and Urban Development

  1. Development of housing estates, constructing from ground up
  2. Construction of affordable housing schemes
  3. Implementation of urban renual/ upgrade schemes
  4. Turnkey commercial real estate development

Procurement Advisory Services

  1. Procurement of supplies, licensees and equipment
  2. Negotiation of credit lines
  3. Tagging, testing and commissioning of procured equipment
  4. Managing payments for purchases, licenses, contracts, etc.
  5. Procurement tracking (from request through to delivery)