Our Services

1. Architecture, Engineering and Consulting


  1. Standard Services
  • Architectural design and presentation
  • Architectural Supervision
  1. Additional services
  • Site Visits/ Inspections
  1. Renovation Works
  • Rehabilitation, refurbishing retrofitting, restoration and remodeling
  • Condition surveys
  • As-built drawings and documentation
  • Renovation design and planning
  • Renovation/ construction supervision
  1. Interior design and decoration
  1. Partial services
  • Design documentation
  • Architects as project managers
  1. Additional and supplementary services
  • Design services
    • Primary Digital Info (PDI)
    • CAD drawings
    • BIM files
    • Design quality management
    • Architects value engineering
    • Building permit processing and follow up
    • Impressions, models and illustrations
    • Urban designs
    • Master site planning/ layout planning
    • Furniture and furnishing planning
    • Acoustic design
    • Material selection and procurement
    • Landscape architecture
    • Design audits


  1. Standard services
  • Building/ structural design and presentation
  • Building/ structural design supervision
  1. Additional services
  • Residency supervision
  • Site visits and inspections
  1. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing services
  • Water supply
  • Water treatment and reticulation
  • Sewage

Consulting (Allied Services)

Standard services

  1. Quantity survey and procurement advisory services
  2. Estimation, Bills of Quantities preparation
  3. Specification writing
  4. Programming and cost control
  5. Valuation and measurements
  6. Variation measurement, valuations and adjudication
  7. Claims administration
  8. Provisional sums and prime costs administration
  9. Preparations of project cash flow projections and analysis
  10. Final accounting upon completion

Project Management

  1. Standard services
  • Logistic coordination of project activities and consultants on the clients behalf
  • Client representation on project teams: coordination, logistics and general support services
  • Technical oversight: Design (consultants and project activities), Quality management
  1. Pre-Project
  • Needs assessment
  • Brief development and preparation
  • Feasibility studies: Project and business approach options
  • Business case development
  • Project management and development team selection and advisory
  1. Project Initiation
  • Project initiation documentation
  • Design quality management
  • I.A’s
  • Tender documentation and management
  1. Execution and monitoring
  • Controlling and managing stages and stage boundaries
  • Stage planning
  • Work package allo0cation
  • Reporting and advice
  • Check point reporting/ progress reporting and exception reporting
  • Work package completion and acceptance/ hand-off management
  • Payment and claims advisory
  1. Project closing and project pre-handover inspection management
  • End of project reporting
  • Lessons documentation
  • Follow-on actions/ defects liabilities documentation and recommendations
  • Benefits … planning
  • Project closure

Strategic Facilities Management

  1. Facilities management planning and system design
  • Integration of FM as a business support process
  • Definition purpose and strategic objectives
  • Designing of specific FM activities for your facilities
  • Maintenance planning forecast and budgeting
  1. FM Administration
  • HR process (recruitment, staffing team building and management)
  • CAIM, BIM and BI systems
  • Sustainability management (energy, waste, utilities, etc)
  • Finance administration and audit
  • Budgeting and reporting
  1. WP Management
  • Space planning and management
  • Change/ churn management
  • Regulatory audits and compliance
  1. Supply chain management
  • Procurement services
  • Supplier management
  • Process compliance
  • Warrantee quality surveillance
  1. Real Estate Advisory
  • Real Estate master planning
  • Own-or-Lease decision guidance
  • Disposal or facilities

FM Services Improvement

  1. Communications and customer care
  • FM team planning and auditing
  • Customer care from FM team and contractors (to clients and visitors )
  • Communications
  • Environmental impact
  1. Work place and ambience
  • Location (Access, Signage, Entry ways )
  • Transport
  • Workplace environment
  • Office fit-out
  • Meeting rooms
  • Reception and communal areas
  1. Services
  • Security and guarding
  • Reception services
  • Conferencing and events
  • Catering
  • Printing, copying, print room and internet
  • Portering and mail services
  • recycling and waste management
  • Cleaning and landscaping services

2. Engineering Procurement and Construction

Engineering (Building and Construction)

  1. Construction contracting
  2. Civil works construction (Roads, Highways, Bridges, drainages, etc)
  3. Electro-mechanized services
  4. Fire detection and fighting systems
  5. Power infrastructure development including alternative energy solutions
  6. Lighting fixtures, switches, circuits, panels etc.
  7. HVAC (duct work, HVAC major system, VAV boxes, controls and related systems)
  8. Security surveillance systems (identity and security management hard- & software capable of identifying staff, printing images and views of surveillance footage, managing cardholder details and badges, etc.)

Housing and Urban Development

  1. Development of housing estates, constructing from ground up
  2. Construction of affordable housing schemes
  3. Implementation of urban renual/ upgrade schemes
  4. Turnkey commercial real estate development

Procurement Advisory Services

  1. Procurement of supplies, licensees and equipment
  2. Negotiation of credit lines
  3. Tagging, testing and commissioning of procured equipment
  4. Managing payments for purchases, licenses, contracts, etc.
  5. Procurement tracking (from request through to delivery)

ICT and Photovoltaics


  1. Technology integration
  2. Home automation
  3. Computer hardware
  4. Solar and photovoltaics

Management Consulting


  1. HR Recruiting
  2. Organizational reforms
  3. Organizational start-ups