The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

We got the tools

We adopt the latest technologies and tools that increases efficiency and professionalism in our work..

Certified Experience

Our secret ingredient, the one that makes us so special, is the combination of Certified Experts and their Experience.

Competitive Pricing

We tailor our pricing plans to your needs to make sure we provide the best priced solution for you.

Support and Consultation

Provision of support and consultation to our clients through out the project life cycle has always being a major concern.

19 Years Experience

The experience and competence we have built up over the years translate into high value for our customers and partners.

Wide Reach

Our range of branches both locally and internationally always helps in keeping our relationship with the clients closer.

Mega Projects International Ltd, is a fast growing consulting firm engaged in multi-disciplinary professional services in Architecture, Engineering, Project Management, Facility Management, Information & Communication Technology, Construction, Planning & Allied Services.


MEGA PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL LTD is known for quality, Thoughtful & Focused Leadership, Professional, Efficient & Punctual Service Delivery.

Our Strategic Priorities are:

  • Operational Excellence in Service
  • Management of Performance
  • Exhibition of Talent
  • Growth of Company

Our Brand Pillars are:

  • Excellent Qualitative Leadership
  • Strong Heritage
  • Excellent Service
  • Focussed Enterprise
  • Doing Business with a sense of responsibility
  • Analytical Approach


MEGA PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL LTD has adequate resources at its disposal to offer the best and most effective professional-grade products and services to its clients/customers. These resources are fully supported through the deployment and use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The firm has a robust network of resources and working partnerships with industry experts and leaders in the construction and infrastructure development industry. These partnerships comprise of technical partnerships with patent-holders of proprietary technologies, financial partnerships with financiers and brokerages etc. These are often leveraged to cater for technical and financial inputs necessitated in the course of our business.

The firm has well equipped offices, fully computerized services, and other facilities and resources as may be required.


MEGA PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL LTD has, in its years of operations, undertaken multiple projects in various areas including the following, amongst others:

  • Project Planning Project Implementation/Supervision
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Cost Control
  • Project Appraisal
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Project Formulation
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Final Report
  • Housing Design
  • Construction Projects

Our Team

Bello Aminu

Bello Aminu

Managing Director/CEO (B.Sc(Hons)Arch.,M.Sc(Arch.), ABU, MNIA, MNIM, MIMC, MIFMA, FMP, MICIArb., MArchF, MISFE(MITUSA), MCIB(Netherlands))
Onoba Matthew Oseborega

Onoba Matthew Oseborega

John Ochogwu

John Ochogwu

Executive Director Operations/COO (B.Sc., M.Sc. (Arch.), AMNIM, GMNIA, MAFE, MIFMA, FMP)
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